IntelliSolveTM | Trusted Healthcare Focused Intelligent Cybersecurity Health XDR™ Compliance DX

AI-driven cloud solutions to secure and manage healthcare technology ecosystems.

Cybersecurity Health XDR™

Comprehensive cybersecurity extended detection and response. Curated stacks for the complex needs of healthcare and the life sciences.

Leveraging AI, deep learning, and operational experience to provide world-class security.

Protect PHI, EHR, IoMT, and more within your technology ecosystem using Health XDR™. Unified security monitors all layers of cybersecurity simultaneously for faster detection and improved response.

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Compliance Management

Scalable platforms with proven results to automate and simplify regulatory compliance requirements for administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

Risk assessments, training, and policies & procedures using the NIST framework for HIPAA compliance.

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Digital Transformation (DX)

Transformative opportunities to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance business operations. Intelligent indexing with optical character recognition (OCR). AI-driven speech recognition, unified communications, managed IT, and more.

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The Novelle Difference

Our deep experience in all aspects of healthcare makes Novelle IntelliSolve™ the MSP and MSSP of choice for cybersecurity, compliance, and digital transformations in healthcare and the life sciences.

Novelle IntelliSolve™ is the managed security and compliance subsidiary of Novelle Health Partners, LLC.

The Novelle team brings over 25 years of experience in all areas of healthcare management: Practice Management, Data and Analytics, CIN and ACO Management, Payer Contracting, EHR Implementation, Interoperability, Revenue Cycle Management, HR/Benefits, Remote/Hybrid Process Improvement, and more.

We understand the complexities of healthcare and how our managed services can solve your challenges using our Triple-A approach.


We identify your organization’s evolving business needs, within the scope of our managed services portfolio.


We curate and customize solutions to meet those needs.


We implement tailored solutions and continuously evaluate progress to ensure successful outcomes.

This is what we do.

Our Technology Partners

Expertly curated for healthcare and life sciences.

Our Solutions

Cybersecurity Health XDR™

Ecosystem Analysis

  • Asset Discovery & Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Analysis

Managed XDR - Extended Detection & Response

  • Endpoint Security
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center)
  • IoT (Internet of Things) and IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) Zero Trust Protection
  • Outside Perimeter Protection

IT & Cyber Hygiene

  • Network Management & Security
  • Identity Access Management & Security
  • Email Security
  • Organizational Strategy

Compliance Management

Risk Analysis

  • Security Risk Analysis
  • Privacy Risk Analysis
  • Automation

Document Management

  • Custom Policies & Procedures
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Cloud Management

Training & Support

  • HIPAA Training
  • Virtual Compliance Officer
  • OCR Audit Support

Digital Transformation (DX)

AI-Driven Solutions

  • Intelligent Indexing
  • Speech Recognition
  • Robotic Process Automation

Unified Communications

  • Secure Cloud Calling
  • Cloud-Native Contact Center
  • Video Conferencing & Collaboration
  • Work-from-Home Connectivity

Managed IT

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Network & Firewall
  • Health Cloud Migrations (Azure, AWS, Snowflake, Salesforce)
  • Office 365
  • Fax to EHR
  • HR/Payroll Automation
  • Productivity Solutions
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Equipment/Purchasing